How to Describe the Dukan Diet?

The Dukan diet is a simple and effective way to quickly lose weight. Dieters frequently describe losing 10 pounds a week without having to take any pills, supplements or doing anything dangerous. The nicer thing is that you can continue to lose two to four pounds every week until you reach your weight loss target.

The program was first described in 2000 by Pierre Dukan who was a nutritionist. The book in which he detailed this way to lose weight quickly became a bestseller and over 8 million copies have been sold. In France, it is widely regarded as the most popular book about losing weight.

Dukan carried out extensive research in search of a diet that would help people lose extra pounds and not put them back on as soon as the diet ended. The result was a four phase approach. In essence, the Dukan diet permits dieters to each as much as you want just so long as you choose an item of food on a list of around 100 different dishes.

For more information about the Dukan diet you can check out this free report called “Dukan Diet: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” at



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