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Why Follow a No Carb Diet

A no carb diet isn’t the same as a low carb diet. It’s intense to a higher degree. Absolutely no carbohydrate is permitted. This means you will need other food types as sources of energy in your diet. Fat is the most common option. Protein is another backup solution. This means a no carb diet will be primarily made of cheese, fish, eggs and meat.

Oxidation of fat leads to production of ketone bodies. So a no carb diet is ketogenic. On a regular normal diet, your body relies on carbs for energy. This diet imposes unusual conditions on your metabolism. That’s why it is advisable to get a doctor’s opinion before trying out a no carb diet.


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Ever Wondered How To Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight fast? Once you know the answer, you’ll find it’s hard to believe. But this method does indeed have a scientific basis.

The morning banana diet to lose weight fast was devised by Sumiko, a pharmaceutical specialist and her husband Hitoshi Watanabe. Earlier he had tried different ways to lose weight and did not succeed. They recorded and analyzed Watanabe’s various diet regimes and out of the observations emerged the banana diet.

The diet is so simple and easy to follow that people all over the world began following it. After all who wants to sweat hours at the gym or take green pills to lose weight when you can achieve the same goal by eating a piece of fruit every morning!

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Effective Ways To Lose Fat Fast

Want to know how to lose fat fast? Well, there are several approaches that work. The only thing to remember is that all of them take time and some effort on your part. The extra fat you’re looking to lose didn’t build up overnight. It was gradually put on over weeks, even months. But if you regularly follow a diet and exercise regimen, you can enjoy the thrill of losing fat fast.

1. Change Your Lifestyle

Small changes can make a big difference. This is not an all or none shift. You can start by modifying one or two things, including them in your daily routine, and later adding on more tweaks.

2. Eat Out Less

Eating in restaurants will certainly add on weight. Fast food is bound to lead to fat deposits on your belly and thighs. This is because you eat food that’s rich in carbs and fat. By cutting down to eating out only once a week and cooking the remaining meals at home, you’ll lose weight.

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Losing Weight The Fast, Fun Way

There are ways to lose weight fast – and keep it off effectively. Yes, it isn’t always a long, hard slog to try and lose weight. There have been dozens of dieters who have shed their extra pounds within a week or two of starting a healthy lifestyle.

And if you’re thinking this requires starving yourself almost to death and not eating anything you like or crave, that’s wrong too. If you know what you’re doing, you won’t even have to draw upon your willpower or determination in order to resist temptation. Just use some common sense tips and you can control both your appetite and weight gain easily.

Here’s the first of 3 powerful tips… Don’t eat carbs. Carbohydrates are digested to glucose which raises blood insulin levels. This hormone converts extra glucose into fat which is stored in your body, leading to weight gain.

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Low Carb Diet – How Important Is It?

Is a Low Carb Diet Always Necessary to Burn Fat?

The answer to this question will open your eyes to a startling truth!

Based on some excellent scientific analysis and research into the basis of weight loss, this report will help you understand why you can’t seem to lose weight on many diet plans – and how a low carb diet works.



Weight Loss Calculator & Dukan Diet

What has a weight loss calculator got to do with rapid fat loss?  Well, the second component of this system is devoted to diets like the Dukan Diet.

Here the 14 day rapid fat loss program recommends Macro patterning which uses Wendy Chant’s principle on carb cycling.  According to this, you eat as much as you want but take care to eat particular carbs on particular days and at different times.

By doing this, you will prevent the weight loss rebound which is the bane of almost every person who has lost weight.

Weight Loss Calculator - Dukan Diet

Weight Loss Calculator – Dukan Diet